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Hobbits Bounties

I opened some GitCoin Bounties to implement & integrate Hobbits into all ETH2 clients:

Here are links to the bounties:

Hobbits Test Suite - Assigned

Hobbits Test Client Relay - Complete

Go Hobbits Implementation - Complete

Rust Hobbits Implementation - Assigned

JavaScript Hobbits Implementation - Assigned

Nim Hobbits Implementation - Assigned

Prysm Hobbits Integration - Assigned

Lighthouse Hobbits Integration - Open

Lodestar Hobbits Integration - Assigned

Nimbus Hobbits Integration - Open

Python Hobbits Implementation - Assigned

Trinity Hobbits Integration - Assigned

Plz feel free to ask questions here

Anything going on here these days? I’ve got free time, and interest, would like to get involved somehow. But seems like nothing’s happening lately…